Trisha’s Weight Loss Journey! 18 Week Fast Track 80 LBS! HCG

Trisha before pic!

Trisha before pic



Trisha is doing amazing!  We are so proud of her hard work!  She is committed to changing her lifestyle and keeping this weight off!  We will have a video of her next week! She is on track to crush her goal of 80 Pounds!  Keep working hard Trish, we are so proud of you!


We are so excited to announce that Trisha is allowing us to follow her on her weight loss journey!  Trisha has decided it is time to lose the weight but more importantly keep it off!  She is doing one of our most popular programs, our 18 week fast track program!  Our goal in 18 weeks is 80 pounds, our males usually will lose between 90 to 100 pounds during this 18 week period.  Weight loss is a commitment, there is no magic pill, cream, or drug that will keep it off!  Sure we can have some extra help along the way, but in the end we have to make the commitment that we are going to change our eating habits and keep it off!  Here at RC Medical center and weight loss, we are committed to helping our patients lose the weight but more importantly teach them a new lifestyle on how to keep it off!  Yes we have many recourses that can help us along the journey to keep us motivated and achieve fast results!  At RC Medical Center we don’t believe in low carb, low calorie, diet food, that is not a lifestyle!  That is a phase that might last a week or a year, but if we don’t change our lifestyle the weight will come back!  We teach our patients how to stay balance, we don’t take anything out of your eating but we teach our patients how to balance there carbs, protein, and fats, so there metabolism can run at the optimal level!  At RC Medical Center we believe in results!  We know we have to keep our patients motivated by seeing results every single week!  We watch our patients very closely and monitor them at all times!  We have a 90% success rate, and we take pride in that!  We do not let our patients fail!  Failure is not an option at RC Medical Center! 

We hope you will follow along with us and watch Trisha transform her life!  Trisha has been doing the program so far for 30 days, and has lost 28.5 LBS!!We are so excited for her! Check Back every Thursday to see her results! We will be posting another pic next week, so stay tuned! chiropractor rancho cucamonga Meet Brittney!! Come Follow Her Journey! Her goal 18 Weeks 80 Pounds! HCG




So here is our first check in on Trisha, She is on day 32 on the protocol and has lost 33.5 pounds! She is doing awesome!

This picture is her with her bra extender!! She used to have 2 of them and now she is down to the smallest clip on her bra!
Day 32 on the protocol and 33.5 PDS down! Trisha before pic!

Day 32 on the protocol and 33.5 PDS down! Trish Before Pic!


MOMENT OF TRUTH!!! Here she is, Trisha has lost 33.5 Pounds in 32 days! We are so proud of her and her commitment to losing weight! Yes we do know how to get it off fast, but our real goal is to teach our patients how to keep it off! Who really cares if we lose 80 pounds but then gain it right back! Getting it off is the easy part! Give Trisha some love and cheer her on! I know she is really appreciating it! Here is her first video! Thanks Trish for letting us follow you on this journey! We have tons of amazing patients here we want them to all know how proud we are of them! If your ready to lose your weight but more importantly make a change and keep it off, call us today we would love to help you! FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION HERE!! 909-945-9982!



Here is Trish, she is doing amazing!  She has lost 41 Pounds in 43 days!!  We can not tell you how proud we are of here!  She has made a commitment to lose this weight and she is doing awesome!  Check out these before and after photos!

 trishabefore143 days lost 41 pounds

If you are serious about losing weight call us today for a free consultation, we would love to help you! Failure is not an option! We wont let you fail!

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7 weeks and has lost 46 Pounds!!

Trisha 7 weeks an has lost 50 POUNDS!!

Trisha 7 weeks an has lost 50 POUNDS!!