Lipo-PLUS: Your Fat Burning Solution

Why does it appear so easy for some people to lose weight while others find no success, even when they follow the tried-and-true practices of eating less and exercising more? Unfortunately, some of us face a variety of extra challenges, from genetic predispositions to bodily imbalances that make rapid weight loss seem impossible. But our team at R. C. Medical Center has an alternative solution for Rancho Cucamonga and Inland Empire patients’ weight loss battle plan — Lipo-PLUS fat burning injections.

The Healthy Route to Rapid Weight Loss

How can two to three injections per week accomplish what years of good intentions and hard work have not yet managed? Lipo-PLUS injections correct metabolic and nutritional issues that have inhibited your body’s previous attempts to lose weight. Many delicate biochemical interactions work together to maintain (or undermine) your ability to burn fat.

If your blood sugar levels tend to swing wildly up and down, for example, you may suffer from unpredictable food cravings. If your cells are holding too much sodium and/or too little potassium, you may retain water. Lipo-PLUS injections are packed with nutrients that naturally support proper metabolic function. These nutrients include B complex, B-6 and B12 vitamins to enhance your digestion and energy levels, fight depression, boost your immune response and correct your sodium-potassium balance. You also get a trio of amino acids that remove fats from the liver, chromium to stabilize your blood glucose, and L-Carnitine to further enhance your rapid weight loss.

Lipo-PLUS injections are administered to our Rancho Cucamonga patients. If you also happen to have a complicating physical condition such as hypothyroid that contributes to your metabolic issues, we may also prescribe bio-identical hormone therapy to replenish your body’s supply of necessary thyroid hormone. Contact our weight loss center for an initial consultation — you have nothing to lose but those extra pounds!
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