Whats the Big Idea?

The big idea is simple. We all know that the brain controls every cell, organ & tissue of the body. It talks to those organ using the nerves. The information travels from the brain, down the spinal cord that is inside the spine, and the out the nerves to every part of the body.

When the spine moves out of position it can begin to choke or irritate these precious nerves and cause a break down in communication. Decrease communication leads to poor function and ,eventually, sickness and disease.

What’s the solution?

The solution is just as simple. Remove the pressure from the nerves and you will restore proper function and thus optimal health. Our focus with each adjustment is to relieve nerve pressure and allow your body to heal and function the way God designed it to. A chiropractor is trained to do just that.

What makes us different?

Our office is a structural based, corrective care clinic. What does that mean? It means that we are essentially the “orthodontist” of chiropractic. We use specific x-ray analysis to determine the spinal misalignments in black and white and then work to correct them so not only do you get relief, you get lasting relief. We then take post x-rays to chart and monitor your progress and correction. Best of all, it’s objective and scientific. We take the time to sit down and not only show you your x-rays but we teach you how to read them yourself. Our goal is to empower our patients to take and active role in their care and equip them with the tools necessary to reclaim their health naturally!